Clipping: Pre-Lockean Character Development

From an essay on the Henriad that I haven’t had time to finish reading: When you look at pre-Locke European literature, and also at a lot of pre-Locke scientific literature about the human mind and psyche, the big focus tends to be on inborn character and character flaws, and attempts to overcome them. The model is that … More Clipping: Pre-Lockean Character Development

Counter-Reading of The Man of Bronze (1933)

The plot of The Man of Bronze is true, but the events were more morally ambiguous than those portrayed in Lester Dent’s novel.  Doc’s father, an American financier, did devise Doc a lease of a large tract of mineral rich land, albeit inconveniently already inhabited by indigenous people, in a Central American republic.  Both the president of the … More Counter-Reading of The Man of Bronze (1933)