Clipping: Paste Interview with Tom King and Mitch Gerads RE new Mister Miracle

New Mister Miracle hits a little close to home:

Paste: Tom, you’ve described this as “an epic about a harrowing tale trying not to be told.” That’s an amazing contradiction. Why would an epic not want to be told?

King: I think because it’s your epic, or it’s like in an interview like this, or when you talk to someone—you don’t want to reveal the actual epic that’s inside of you. The core of you. That’s something that you always keep hidden from everyone. The actual struggles you have every day. You make up things, and you say things and biographers or autobiographers write about them. The real hidden secrets and the real hidden battles—that’s the story that you don’t want told. You don’t want that exposed. That’s what we’re doing for Mister Miracle. He’s confronting that part of him that doesn’t want to be told.

Paste: Looking at the entire concept of escape, what do you both try to escape in your own lives that’s going to trickle into the themes here? . . . .

Gerads: I think Scott Free, in this book, really embodies what a lot of us, if not the vast majority of us, are feeling right now: being surrounded by a world that doesn’t make as much sense as it used to. I really sympathize with Scott, and as the book goes on you sympathize with him more. There’s so much in the book of just him giving weird looks to people. In a way, it’s Jim from The Office giving looks to people half the time. He’s just trying to process the absurd. I think that’s something I try to escape. It’s hard to do this interview and not get super political. There’s so much in this world right now that isn’t lining up. You assumed there were safeguards in place to make sure things always do line up. It’s escaping that kind of world and trying to find the real world again. Hopefully that real world is still a thing that exists.

The whole Paste interview is worth it if only for the three pages of Gerads’ claustrophobic and suspenseful panels.


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